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Tools for Clinicians

Welcome to the section on tools for clinicians.  In this section, you will find valuable tools to help you incorporate nutrition screening for elderly clients in your practice setting using the validated tool, the MNA®.


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  • MNA® User Guides provide step-by-step directions for completing the MNA®. The guides include explanations of each question and suggestions for training others to use the MNA®

    Detailed directions and pictures clearly explain how to perform and interpret anthropometric measurements in a variety of populations.

  • MNA® Video demonstrates step-by-step directions for using the MNA® in clinical practice to identify malnutrition in the elderly. The video includes alternate ways to measure height using demi-span, arm span, or knee height and how to measure calf circumference for patients when height and weight are not available.

  • Recommended Interventions provides an algorithm and practical suggestions for interventions to improve your client’s nutrition care.  The evidence-based interventions are based on the client’s nutrition classification on the MNA®.

Together, these tools will help you easily incorporate the MNA® into your practice setting and identify geriatric clients who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition.

MNA® and the Electronic Medical Record - The MNA® may be incorporated into the electronic health record, with permission, provided users comply with all copyright and trademark requirements. Please contact for more information and permission.

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